Topblue LTD

TOPBLUE LTD is a Cyprus based company, registered in 2015 that specializes in the production of NOx reduction solutions. The company’s top priority is exceeding customer expectations, by offering high quality products and excellent service at competitive prices, while at the same time improving the environment by reducing air pollution from exhaust gas emissions.
Its production and storage facilities are located in Limassol, a few kilometers from the port and are equipped with state of the art technological equipment with a production capacity of 10,000 l/h.
The company’s modern transport fleet can satisfy most orders with a relatively short notice.
TOPBLUE LTD manufactures the following products for NOx reductions:
– AdBlue® /AUS 32 (ISO: 22241)
– Marine urea solution 40%/ AUS 40 (ISO: 18611)
– Industrial urea solution 40%.
In addition, the company can provide various specifications of aqueous urea solutions with different concentrations upon customer’s request.
In 2016 TOPBLUE LTD was the first company in Cyprus that has been accredited for AdBlue® trademark, by complying with ISO standards 22241 according to the license requirements of VDA (Verband der Deutschen Automobilindustrie).


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