The Athinodoros group of companies pioneers again
November 27, 2018

Once again, the Athinodoros Group of Companies is a pioneer, introducing to our island the first of its kind Doppstaddt brand recyclable materials crusher.

It is a stand-alone mobile plant for the processing of Aggregate Waste from Excavation, Construction and Demolition (commonly known as AECW), of German origin, which meets all environmental standards, including state-of-the-art noise and dust suppression systems.

During the delivery of the plant, the staff of Athinodorou Green Earth Ltd was trained by qualified delegates of Doppstaddt’s Cyprus representative, Uniplant Ltd.

With this move, the Athinodorou Group completes its investment programme in the recycling sector for 2018, with a budget of five million euros. Athinodorou Green Earth’s general manager, Mr Athinodorou Athinodorou, said he was excited and optimistic and said that the company’s investments for 2019 will be “even more aggressive”.
It should be noted that the Athinodorou Group is also a pioneer in the field of “green energy”, with eight million euros of investment in photovoltaics and three million euros of investment in factories producing nitrogen emission suppression products.

It is estimated that in total, the group’s ‘green’ activities offset the environmental impact of 60,000 people!