Athinodorou Beton Limited

ATHINODOROU BETON LIMITED is a subsidiary company of the ATHINODOROU BROTHERS SUPER BETON PUBLIC COMPANY LTD, an organization known for its experience on concrete and its quality assurance of the product since 1987. It specializes in the design, production, and delivery of ready mixed concrete, plaster and mortar. The company aims to provide the best possible quality of the products and services, in the light of customer needs and the lowest possible prices.

The main laboratory for quality control is outfitted with the cutting edge equipment and the well trained and experienced personnel whose main target is the best quality of the final product. In 1997, the company was first certified with the Quality Assurance System ISO 9001, which is followed and honored until today. In 2011 it was certified with CE Marking for Mortar according to the CYS EN 998-1 and CYS EN 998-2. The company has at its disposal three batching plants, in overall five production lines in the Pafos district which are located in the Androlikou and Anatoliko Industrial Areas. The fleet is consisted of 19 concrete pumps and 72 concrete tracks which are available in the everyday production schedule for the best customer service.

The well-trained personnel are the company’s greatest assets. Particular emphasis is given in frequent training and development.

The company’s activities are not limited only in commercial areas but also expanded in maintaining and improving the environment. The fresh concrete recycling systems are available for every batching plant and are upgraded according to the new regulations and technologies.


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